R24 Rustenburg Road  Magaliesburg Gauteng   Ph: 073 577 9994
Trading Post  Coffee shop & Deli Toilets We are  wheelchair  friendly
TRADING POST COFFEE SHOP & DELI    Trading Post Coffee Shop and Deli is situated just over 1km. north of Magaliesburg Village on the R24 Rustenburg Road.  We are a family orientated establishment with a playground where the children can be kept busy while you enjoy your coffee and meal. Much of the food we serve such as bread, butter and jams is homemade and our salads are, as far as possible, made using homegrown vegetables. Our Ginger Beer and Lemonade are made on the premises and our coffee is a special house blend not available in the shops As well as our standard menu such as breakfasts, lunches and light meals we also serve some of the more traditional meals such as Melkkos. At Trading Post coffee shop it is still possible to get a light meal and dessert for less than R100.00 per person.  In the Deli we sell our own farm made yoghurts and cheese (including feta, halloumi and mozzarella). These products are made with milk from cows that have received no hormone treatment. We add no preservatives, stabilizers, sugar or coloring to our products, except those in any flavoring used in the yoghurt. Over weekends and public holidays freshly baked bread (including rye bread and vetkoek) is available in the Deli.   During the week we bake bread to order. We also have home made fudge, brownies, cheesecakes and much more.   In striving to involve the local community, our cakes are locally baked and our jams are made the traditional way, even as far as including the wax layer on top. We also sell locally handmade articles, such as hand knitted, jerseys, baby jackets and booties.  Why not browse while you have coffee and cake? R24 Rustenburg Road  Magaliesburg Gauteng   Ph: 073 577 9994
Like us on Facebook Saturday 24 Feb 2018 Battle Heritage South Africa and  Juggerknights National Qualifying Competition.  The winner of the competition will represent South Africa in Scotland in the IMCF World Championship 2018  As part of co-host for the finals of the Battle Heritage competition Trading Post will be serving breakfast lunch and dinner in true medieval style. There will be long tables for the whole day. Breakfast will be mainly bread, cheese and roast beef, lunch pork and chicken on the spit with stew, bread and vegetables and dinner will be an informal event with braaivleis under the stars.  Booking is essential for dinner.